Thursday, 1 October 2009

Child's Play.

Vinyl toys open up a whole new avenue of collecting possibilities for anyone with an interest in Urban and Lowbrow art. They are regularly customised by many artists from these fields. It's not a road I've really dared to travel down, there's just too many of them and not enough disposable income to go round. (Let alone surface space in my house.)

One designer toy that was issued recently has caught my eye however and I may have to raid the piggy bank. It's a My Little Pony customised by the brilliant Japanese artist Junko Mizuno (who is so fab I will have to save her for another blog sometime.)

Junko originally personalised an 18" high pony for The My Little Pony Project, a charitable fundraising event celebrating the 25th anniversary of Hasbro's eternally popular My Little Pony toy.

Original customised My Little Pony - Junko Mizuno.

The limited edition toy is a faithful reproduction of Junko's original, which she decorated in her trademark "Kawaii Noir" style, literally a mix of cuteness and darkness.

Well I never had a My Little Pony when I was young. I think this is the one for me.

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