Thursday, 10 September 2009

In the Pink.

Recently I went to the opening night of an exhibition at The Archipelago Works in Sheffield. It was called 7 Styles For 7 Brothers and was a group exhibition of work by seven UK based artists originating from the graffiti world.

Basically I overdid the cheese and wine, minus the cheese, (I'd had a hard week), so my impressions of the exhibition are a bit foggy but through the haze I did enjoy the work of Pinky.

Pinky's style is very distinctive, bursting with exuberance and positivity. And colour, he loves colour, there's more oranges, yellows, turquoises, purples, greens and of course, pinks leaping out at you than you can shake a stick at. It's just as well my future hangover had yet to start.

(Some of Pinky's work with a young art fan.)

I did have a bit of a chat with Pinky and he seemed like a thoroughly nice guy to boot.

(Pinky in action - from his Flickr page.)

(Pinky stickers.)

There's a 60's and 70's retro feel to much of Pinky's stuff and he seems to take a lot of inspirations artistically, not just from the usual classic urban graffiti styles,

(1996 tag - Pinky.)

but also from the "high times" of the tune in, turn on, Haight Ashbury hippy movement era.

(Wanderlust - Pinky.)

He's quite a dab hand with a pair of scissors too - producing nice papercuts illustrating warm, feelgood messages.

(Red Heart papercut - Pinky.)

Pinky is originally from Hull, in East Yorkshire, an area I know very well and which, it has to be said, does suffer from an overload of grey.

(Photo of the Humber Bridge near Hull - Pinky.)

I can totally understand why he's taking the opportunity to help make the world a more multicoloured place for all of us.

(Blue Owl - Pinky.)

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