Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Liddle Ladies.

One of the best things about the Pop Surrealism movement, for me, is the representation of highly diverse, but equally hugely talented female artists and in turn, the wide scope of female characters they concoct.

Seattle based Lisa Petrucci is a well established name in the Lowbrow world and her style is unique but also, often strangely familiar. Lisa paints distinctive candy coated scenes of cute big eyed gals. Working with bright liquid acrylics on plaque shaped pieces of pine, which are then coated with a thick shiny gloss called Envirotex, the vitality in Lisa's paintings really shines through.

(Liddle Wonder Woman Saves The Day - Lisa Petrucci.)

The familiar feel of Lisa's work undoubtedly comes from the fact that she is heavily influenced by aspects of popular culture common to most of us. These stem from her childhood but also she was shaped by elements of the counter-cultures of the 50's and 60's. Her works are a kind of playback of the mental VHS tape of her youthful obsessions, that she brings back to life and replays, for all of us to enjoy today through her lively ladies' antics.

(Go Go in the Garage - Lisa Petrucci.)

Lisa is an avid collector of toys and dolls from the 1970's and the associated love of dressing up and play acting carries over into her characters and their roles.

(Liddle Pirate Girl - Lisa Petrucci.)

She has been known to incorporate the cult 70's doll Blythe into her work too.

(Blythe on the Range - Lisa Petrucci.)

Among Lisa's other fascinations are comic books, cartoons, Big Eyed art, Tiki art, Kitsch and thrift store finds of all varieties.

(Part of Lisa's extensive personal collection of vintage Big Eyed art.)

The other side of Lisa's coin, is her long standing love affair with the dark, sleazy underworld of the 50's pin up magazine, the first titillating nudie movies and the daring, usually anonymous, girls who stripped for them. She pays tribute to these pioneering, boundary pushing beauties in her work.

(Big Top Beauty - Lisa Petrucci.)

(Tiki Tramp - Lisa Petruuci.)

Although maybe it shouldn't do, the mix of sultry and innocence blends perfectly.

(Garden Suprise - Lisa Petrucci.)

Scary B-movies are another passion.

(Miss Monster - Lisa Petrucci.)

And there's usually a cat to be found getting in on the act.

(Hell Kitty - Lisa Petrucci.)

(Kute 'n' Komfy - Lisa Petrucci.)

Considering her love of toys, it's only natural that Lisa should get involved in customising them.

(Lil' Leona Leopard vinyl toy - Lisa Petrucci.)

Lisa has had a comprehensive collection of her works published by Dark Horse Books entitled Kickass Cuties. You can also order signed copies from her own site.

(Lisa's book - Kickass Cuties.)

She is due to have her work featured in an upcoming book called Edgy Cute, having also had work published recently in The Garden of Eye Candy and Big-Eye Art: Resurrected and Transformed.

Lisa's work is popular in Europe as well as North America and she is scheduled to take part in a Pop Surrealism group show called "Apocalypse Wow!" at MACRO in Rome in November.

In the meantime I can't get enough of her cuties. I love Lisa's ladies and the retro rainbow fantasy lands they live in.

(Liddle Lisa - Lisa Petrucci.)


  1. was just talking to Robert Williams....
    who was getting real animated about someone....
    ''oh thats another one of those 'Big Eye Artists'...they're everywhere...
    .....they are the 'Velvet Painters' of this generation ''

  2. Not necessarily an uncomplimentary remark? Both big eye and velvet paintings take many folk back to the warmth of childhood maybe, so there is a meeting point. A little bit of quality Kitsch goes a long way!

  3. thereis that allure of the big eyes (puppies, aliens, ya know?..is it okay if a couple of these pictures turned me on?>..some realy wondreful stuff..

  4. Of course it's Ok - there's some foxy ladies here!