Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Naughty but nice.

I won an auction for a painting today on eBay. It was only 16 quid (that's about $26 if I have any American visitors.) It is by a UK graffiti artist - XWWX and that is all I know about it. It's a bright, colourful little piece and features a My Little Pony gone bad, apparently having bit the hand that fed it right off.

A common theme enjoyed by graffiti artists seems to be the irony of good icons going bad. This piece reminded me of the brilliant Scare Bear series by London's Ben Eine. Widely known for his alphabet fonts and typeface graffiti that cheers up many a shop shutter in the East End of London, Eine also did a series of Scare Bears - Care Bears that just hadn't stayed in school or listened to good advice and consequently had gone well and truly off the rails.

(Ben Eine shutter art)

(Green Scare Bear - Ben Eine)

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