Sunday, 23 August 2009

Where do I get my next fix?

So how do you feed your art habit? Whether it's by looking for a piece with intention to buy or just rewarding the brain and calming the jitters with a bit of window shopping - absorbing some new images to ease the cravings. When it comes to checking out outsider art it's here that the internet lives up to it's old information superhighway tag .

At first I felt a bit resentful, not living in America, of all the shows and works I would never get to see in the flesh. But without the internet I wouldn't even have heard of this stuff and eventually I realized that I have a huge amount of information about the artists and many, many shows available to me online 24 hours a day, just with a few taps of the keyboard.

There's a great movie called The Lowdown On Lowbrow which spends some time illustrating just how the movement has flourished and spread due to folks like me, just surfing around, link to link.

Here are some links to a few of my favourite galleries, some dealing with the bigger players of the scene, some presenting work from lesser known or younger artists.

In the United States
The Shooting Gallery (also incorporating Gallery Three) - San Francisco
White Walls - San Francisco
Roq La Rue - Seattle
Gallery 1988 - Los Angeles and San Francisco
Gallery Nucleus - Los Angeles
Halogen Gallery - Seattle
Dirty Pilot - internet gallery

In the United Kingdom
Nelly Duff - London
Richard Goodall - Manchester
Pictures On Walls - London
Stolen Space Gallery - London

In Australia
Outre Gallery - Melbourne and Sydney

Proceed with caution and take care of your credit card - there's a good reason these guys are called dealers!

(Only kidding Justin - Shooting Gallery and White Walls owner.)

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