Saturday, 22 August 2009

Why A Zeal of Zebras?

Nothing to do with art but collective animal nouns are so amusing don't you think? And a Murder of Crows wasn't available.

This photo did get me wondering if I could find any art featuring psychedelic zebras and I remembered this painting by Los Angeles artist Joshua Petker - from his March 2009 show at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco. Not zebras but psychedelic unicorns which Joshua seems to like to incoporate into his often superficially chaotically colourful, but always precise and insightful portraits of beautiful girls. This piece is unusual for Joshua in that it is a collage.

I then wondered if there was actually a collective noun for unicorns seeing as no one except Joshua has probably seen such a thing - but the wonders of the internet enlightened me that there is and it is called a Blessing of Unicorns.

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